How to Create Folder on Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22 in Simple Steps

What’s your first thing to do when getting a new Samsung Galaxy? Probably downloading all your favorite apps. To keep them organized, you need to create a folder on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22, the new and upcoming ones in the series. The folders help organize your apps based on functions and priorities and keep your phone from getting cluttered.


Ready to organize your files? Follow this guide to keep your Samsung Galaxy uncluttered and neatly organized.

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How to Create Folder

Create a folder using these simple steps, starting from the My Files.


  1. Find the My Files Icon

    Look for the My Files icon on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy. If you cannot find it, look for a folder with “Samsung” as the title, and find the My Files icon.

  2. Find Internal Storage

    Find the Internal Storage icon in My Files. Tap on it. You will see a collection of icons such as Images, Audio, Videos, and Download.


  3. Find Create Folder

    Go to the three dots at the upper right part of Internal Storage. Tap on it to see a dropdown menu and choose Create Folder.

  4. Name Folder

    After tapping Create Folder, you will see a text field. When your phone keypad appears, type the name you want for the new folder. Press Create to save your new folder.

You can create different folders by returning to the Internal Storage and repeating from Step 3. These steps apply to creating a folder on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22.


How to Rename Folder

When you create a new folder, it will appear in your Samsung Galaxy file directory with the name you pick the first one. You can always change it to another name you see fit. Here are the steps.


  1. Find the Folder

    Go to the directory when your folder is kept. You can also find it from My Files.

  2. Find the Rename Options

    Once you find the directory where your folder is stored, tap the three dots on the upper right part. Tap Edit until you see radio buttons before each folder in the directory. Tap the button before the folder you want to rename.


  3. Rename the Folder

    Once you select the radio button’s folder, tap More at the bottom right. When you see Rename option, tap it until your keypad appears. Rename your folder before tapping Enter or check button on the keypad.


How to Copy Folder

Copying a folder means creating a duplicate for the folder and its content. Press on the folder you want to copy until a dialogue box appears. Choose Copy and then move to the new location. Press anywhere until a dialogue box appears. Tap Paste, and you will see a new copy of the folder.


How to Move Folder

Sometimes, you want to rearrange folders in your Samsung Galaxy so they stay organized. Here are the easiest steps to do it.

  1. Copy the Folder

    Go to the directory where your folder is located. Press on the folder until a dialogue box appears. Choose Copy.

  2. Paste the Folder

    Go to the destination directory and press anywhere. When the dialogue box appears, choose Paste. A copy of your folder will appear in the new directory. Don’t forget to delete the folder in the previous directory.

  3. Use Move Function

    The move function is more straightforward. Press on the folder until the dialogue box appears, but choose Move. Afterward, choose the destination directory as the dialogue box commands. It will remove the folder and all its content.


How to Remove Permanent Folder

Remove any unused folder in your Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22 by following these simple steps.


  1. Find the Folder Directory

    Go to My Files to find the directory where the folder you want to delete is located. Tap the three dots on the upper right and choose Edit.

  2. Find the Folder to Delete

    Once you see radio buttons before the folders after tapping Edit, tap on the button of the folder (or folders) you want to remove. You will see a dialogue box with the Move to Trash option.


  3. Finish Removing the Folder

    Tap the Move to Trash option in the dialogue box if you are sure. It will confirm the deletion process.


How to Merge Folders on Screen

After you create a folder on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22, you probably want to organize folders that clutter your screen. Here are several steps to merge two folders into one big folder category.


  1. Choose the First Folder to Merge

    Press on the first folder on the screen until you can drag it with your thumb. Bring it close to the other folder you want to merge into one category.

  2. Combine the Two Folders

    Bring the first folder on top of the second one until they are both contained in one folder. Release to group the two folders into one place.


  3. Name the New Folder Group

    Tap the Folder name until you see your keypad appears. Rename it based on the folders category you plan—tap Enter or checkmark on your keypad to confirm.


More Options to Manage Folders

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S2 offer more options for easier folder management in your device. Accessing My Files edit function is how to compress files/folders in simple steps. After selecting the folder, you can find the Compress function in the More options.


Tapping Compress directly compresses the selected folder into Zip or 7-zip files.


You can also use file-sharing apps to manage your folder easily. Samsung Galaxy S21 and beyond have a Quick Share function, allowing two devices to share files without using emails, messages, or USB cards. When you turn on Quick Share, you can point it to the same device nearby or let it find the device automatically (if the other also activates Quick Share). You can share files simply by tapping on the other device’s name.


Activating Quick Share allows Samsung Galaxy devices to share files to the same nearby device without USB cards, emails, or messages.


There are many ways you can manage the folders in your Samsung Galaxy S21, and everything is accessible in the My Files edit function. Create folders on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 in simple steps, and learn how to better manage them before trying other solutions to unclutter your phone such as resetting your apps into default settings.


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