How to Automatically Delete Old Messages on Galaxy S21

Automatically delete old messages on Galaxy S21, including personal messages and group chats are the best instant way, especially if you are dealing with bulk messages. This feature is not a new thing, because Samsung has added it to Galaxy S20.

Galaxy’s Messaging app is the instant way to keep sharing videos, photos, or just to say hello. Fortunately, the company lets the user customize the message settings anytime you want to change the font, the size of the font, or the types of messages you want to receive.

automatically delete old messages

Having a phone with the feature to delete old messages helps a lot to keep the storage space clean. Samsung Galaxy phones come out with an option to activate the automatic deletion of old messages. Here is the ultimate guide on how to automatically clean old messages for Galaxy S21 users.

Tutorial to Automatically Delete Old Messages on your Samsung Galaxy S21

This tutorial is very simple, you can finish it in just five minutes. The entire steps below will show you the complete guideline on how to configure Galaxy s21 message settings. From here, you can delete the old messages automatically when the number of the messages, both SMS and MMS, is reached. Start following the instructions anytime you are ready.

automatically delete-old messages on samsung galaxy s21

  • Head to the home screen and open the Messages app. To do so, unlock the device first. At the bottom part of your device’s home screen, there are shortcuts or app icons. You could relaunch The Messages app there.
  • Select the quick menu icon, located on the upper-right side of the Messages app. You will see a pop-up display notification that contains a list of menu options to choose from.
  • Scroll it down and then choose settings. The phone will direct you to message settings.
  • Choose more settings to continue. You will also see new options and message features on the screen.
  • Scroll it down at the bottom of the screen and then choose the option Delete old messages. To activate this feature, toggle the switch. Once you do it, your phone will delete the old messages automatically when there is no new space for SMS and MMS.


Keep in mind that your phone can save 1000 SMS and 100 MMS maximum. If you get a warning prompt to notify that you cannot send or receive a new message because the capacity is full, your Galaxy s21 will automatically delete the old messages.

Therefore, it is very important to have automatic deletion of the old SMS and MMS in your device to support the storage management. Doing this way means that you don’t have to delete the old messages one by one or manually. It is automatic, once it reached the message limit.

Finally, it is everything that you need to know about the instructions to automatically delete old messages on Galaxy S21. You can try the steps above and leave your comments in this post so we can help you more if you find some trouble following this tutorial.

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