Free Tools to Back Up Photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22

Do you have many precious memories in the Samsung Galaxy device yet refuse to store them in clunky physical storage? Backup photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 with free digital tools. They allow you to store photos in online albums or cloud systems, saving the space of your device.

Follow this simple guide to keep your photos saved on your device.

Free Tools to Back Up Photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22


Backup Photos with TeleDrive

If you use Telegram and often share, download, or save pictures, you can keep them in TeleDrive. It is an open-source storage cloud program designed for Telegram users, serving as photo storage you get from Telegram messages. Here is how to use it:


1. Get Telegram Account

After installing and signing up to Telegram, go to in your browser to access the storage space.


2. Connect Telegram with TeleDrive

Register to get a TeleDrive account using your Telegram credential. Follow every step until you get a code in your Telegram to log in.


3. Upload Your Photos

On TeleDrive, go to My Files. Start storing your photos using the drag-and-drop version or file upload button.


Make sure that every image file is smaller than 2 GB. TeleDrive is currently unable to upload files the size of 2 GB and more.


Backup Photos with Dropbox

Dropbox offers cloud-based storage you can access directly from your device. It can also automatically update its content whenever you take photos. Here is how to backup photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 using Dropbox.


1. Get the App

Dropbox app is available for free at the Play Store and Apple Store. Download it to your device and sign up. Follow the instruction to verify your account.


2. Upload Photos

To manually upload photos, go to My Files on your Samsung device. Tap the three dots on the upper right part of the screen and choose Select. Tap any photo you want to store and choose the share icon.


3. Choose the Dropbox Option

Once you tap the share icon, find Add to Dropbox. Choose the Dropbox folder you want to store it in. Once you are satisfied, tap Add.


To make Dropbox automatically store your photos, go to Dropbox and choose Menu (the three dots on the upper left part of the screen). Choose Settings and then tap on Turn on Camera Upload.


Backup Photos with Google Photos

If you use Google Drive or Photos, you can backup/restore your photos using Drive app. It is simple, convenient, and allows you to share or use photos in various Google apps. Here are the steps.


1. Sign In to Google Account

Sign in with your Google Account, which is an icon within the device. Sign up and follow the form filling steps if you do not have one. Wait until you receive a verification email before verifying your account.


2. Upload Photos with Google Drive

Open the Drive app and tap the “+” sign. Choose photos from your device to save and tap Upload.


3. Sync the Device with Google Backup

To automatically backup photos, tap your account profile picture. Go to Photos Setting and tap on the Backup & sync option. It will automatically store your photos into Google Photos, which you can organize into folders.


Backup Photos with Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive offers simple steps to backup your photos from your device. Follow these steps.


1. Find the App

Download OneDrive into your phone. You can get it for free at the Play Store or Apple Store. Sign up if you do not already have a Microsoft account.


2. Sync the Device

Go to the Gallery of your device. Tap Menu and then Settings. Choose Sync with OneDrive to sync your device with the cloud. If you have not linked your Samsung account, you probably will see “Cloud sync” instead.


Once you sync the device, your photos will automatically be uploaded to OneDrive whenever you take pictures.


Backup Photos with Flickr

Do you know you can backup photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 with Flickr? It offers an automatic sync-in option for Android phones. Here is how you can do it.


1. Get the App

Download Flickr from Play Store or Apple Store and install it. Sign up and follow the steps to register.


2. Set the Sync Function Manually

Open the Flickr app on your device. Go to Profile and tap the Turn on Auto Sync. Turn it on by moving the slider from left to right.


Once you turn on the sync function, your photos will be automatically backed up to Flickr. You can also add pictures manually by using the Upload Photos on the app.


Backup Photos with iDrive

Want cross-platform compatibility? You can back your photos up with the iDrive app on a Samsung Galaxy device so you can restore photos from anywhere. Here is a simple way to do it.


1. Get the App

Download the iDrive app from Play Store or Apple Store. Sign up to get your username and password. Make sure to allow permission for the app to access your files and photos.


2. Choose the Automatic Upload

Go to the Photos account in the iDrive app. Tap Settings and choose Auto Upload by moving the slide bar. Photos taken by your Samsung camera will be automatically uploaded to the drive. You can also include pictures from screenshot results.


You can use the free version, which offers 5 GB of storage. However, iDrive also offers several payment plans for your convenience.


Other Photo Management Tips

Syncing up backup tools with your Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 is recommended. You can add/remove photos from your phone without feeling guilty. All your photos can be restored anywhere and anytime, even when replacing the device.


Want to keep your phones even safer? Activate the security/encrypted photo storage function in your device. When your Samsung Galaxy is stolen or lost, your still-stored photos will only face the minimum risk of being stolen.


Going to Apps > Settings > Encryption in your Samsung Galaxy device will give you the option to enable a password-protected encryption function.


Now that your photos are safe feel free to enhance them with popular photo editing tools. Recommended free editing photo tools include SnapSeed, Pixlr, PhotoDirector, and Werble.


Managing photos in your Samsung Galaxy device has never been easier. Use these convenient tools to backup photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22, and free your mind from worries as you take precious memories with your device camera.

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