How to Change Notification Sound for Texts on Galaxy S21 Series

Having a smartphone, you could send SMS to others easily and may know they reply to your message by the phone ringtone. If you buy a new device, a Galaxy S21 for instance, you may know that your text tone might sound similar to other tones. It includes a calling tone. Well, you need to set custom tone on your device first. This may help you to differentiate all tones on your Galaxy S21 easily. This time, we are going to talk more about change notification sound for texts on your Samsung Galaxy S21.

change notification sound for texts

Steps to change notification sound for texts on your Galaxy S21

Let’s check it out for more detailed info in the following info below!

  • Set Custom Text Tone on Samsung SMS

You might want to change the tone of your Samsung device’s short message services! Then, how to do it? Well, let you read some important tricks and tips below!

    1. SMS

Tap ‘SMS’ or conversation you want to set a custom tone. Then, find the three-dot icon located on the top of the screen. After that, turn on the ‘Custom notifications’ toggle by clicking it.

    1. Sound button

Tap the sound button to change the default ringtone. Then, listen to all the ringtones available. Choose one of several selections and save it.

    1. Get back

Well done! You could get back and check whether or not it rings different when your friends text you. Well, to get back, you just need to select the ‘back arrow’ option. Or, you might use your ‘turn back’ button of your phone.

  • Set up ringtone for google messages

To change the tone on Google Messages is almost the same as on Samsung SMS. Well, let’s take a look at it in the following points below!

    1. Messages

Search for the messages on your device that you want to set its text tone. Then, tap the conversation of your message. Find and choose the three-dot icon on your screen. Soon, choose ‘details’.

    1. Change the tone!

After you tap ‘details’, go clicking the ‘notification’ and then tap the tones. Again, select your favorite tone for your Google message. Tap Save to enable it. It is easy, right?

Well, that’s all how to change notification sound for texts on Galaxy S21 series. Anyway, for your information, all the tips mentioned above are also for other Android Oreo devices.

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