How to Force Stop Apps on Galaxy S21 to extend Battery Life

Is your newest Samsung Galaxy already having problems? It is impossible because this month is the release date although you can pre-order since January. Nonetheless, it does not matter to know about the force stop apps on Galaxy S21. Each smartphone holder must understand it since earlier without hopping any problem at a later time. Indeed, some problem causes the battery runs out quickly. Meanwhile, this way becomes the most effective solution for some frustrating problems. Learn how to Galaxy S21 forces stop on apps immediately.

force stop apps on galaxy s21

Your Daily Mix 2 as New Force Stop Apps on Galaxy S21

This year, Samsung does not only introduce a new smartphone but also a new force stop apps. Your Daily Mix 2 or Daily Mix 2 is the new stop running app on all Galaxy S21 series. Samsung Galaxy S21 applies One UI 3.0 not Android system anymore. This feature is new for Samsung but does not worry because the Android 11 system can download this feature. So, upgrade your smartphone on Android 11 if you want to save this app too. Turn back to the Daily Mix 2 as the stop running app and here are the steps the apps:

  1. Open the app/ apps that you want to run on your Galaxy S21. Then, go on the recent menu both using buttons and navigation.
  2. Tap the icon on the top of the window to get various menus. Next, tap the part of “Keep Open for Quick Launching”. This option will save the app in memory.
  3. Now, you can remove or change it with another app that you want to. If you want to clear the app from the memory quite taps on the lock icon. Find it in the lower corner of the app.

Stop Running App by Verizon as the Second Way

On the other hand, there are 5 steps to finish your problems toward the apps that run in the background:

  1. Begin from the Home Screen to access the apps. But, it is for the default Home screen layout and Standard mode.
  2. Go on the Settings icon and you will the Apps icon to stop running.
  3. Select “All” that exists in the upper-left and click the Dropdown icon if it is necessary. Select All.
  4. Find the appropriate app and tap Menu icon in the upper right and tap Show system apps. The menu icon helps to find invisible apps.
  5. Tap Force stop.
  6. Check the message and click/ tap OK to confirm it.

Those are two ways of running the force stop apps on your Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra. Happy trying!

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