How to Enable Voice Commands on Galaxy S21 Camera App

Enable voice commands on the Galaxy S21 camera app are easy to do by following the simple steps here. Read this ultimate guideline on how to activate the camera feature on S21, which allows your device to take photos or record videos from the voice commands.

Camera Features on Samsung Galaxy S21 and Shooting Methods

It is hard to deny that the newest Galaxy S21 series come out with incredible intelligent features, including camera modes to support users with the concern on mobile photography and videography. With various features and camera specifications, a beginner can capture photos as a professional photographer does. What you need to do is to explore the camera features of the Galaxy S21.

enable voice commands on galaxy s21 camera

This device has advanced camera effects, modes, palm shooting methods, as well as voice control. The main highlight is voice control. Even though this feature is not a new thing because the previous Galaxy devices also have it. But, if this is your first experience using the Android platform, then you might not yet familiar with the presence of this feature and how it works.

Complete guide to enable voice commands on Galaxy S21 camera app

Here is the complete instruction to enable voice commands on Galaxy S21 camera app, which allows you to take hands-free selfies by using your new Samsung Galaxy S21.

  • Check your home screen and find the camera application’s shortcut. Tap on the icon to start. Usually, the application shortcut is at the bottom of your phone’s home screen. Just in case that you cannot find it, unlock your device and access the Home Screen. After that, head to the Apps viewer, by swiping up the bottom of the home screen. Here, you will find various shortcut controls. Next, locate and then hit the camera icon to proceed. By doing this, you can launch the camera’s interface.
  • Select the Gear Icon, you could find it on the upper-left corner of the main screen of the camera app. Next, you will access the settings for the camera. Even you could check more camera features such as selfies, shot suggestions, and scene optimizer.
  • Scroll it down and get more items to view. After that, select shooting methods. You can also find more shooting methods, such as voice commands, show palm, press volume keys, and others.

enabling voice commands on camera

  • To activate the voice commands toggle and turn on the switch. By doing this, you will activate this feature. Once you do this, the device can take your photos through voice commands such as “Cheese”, “Smile”, “Shoot” or “Capture”. This feature is also great because you just have to utter “record video” to start recording a video. This is the best part of voice commands on the Galaxy S21 Camera app.
  • Finally, you can also activate the show palm switch to start showing your palm to the device’s camera for a selfie. Otherwise, you can turn this feature off by toggling the switch.


If you want to know how voice commands on the Galaxy S21 camera app works, quit and launch the camera app after making some changes to its settings. After that, try to say any voice commands to take selfies, or record a new video. Keep in mind that the voice commands will work 100% if you speak clearly so the device can hear and execute the voice command.

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