Galaxy S21 One Handed Mode: How to Enable and Use this Feature

Enabling One Handed mode helps you scale down the screen display temporarily. This feature helps you easily control your phone even if you are using one hand. One handed mode is not a brand new feature, but it is hidden. It means that you must access the Settings menu to activate. Below is a simple tricks Galaxy S21 one handed mode you should know.

The presence of a one handed mode is useful to make UI elements easier. It reduces the size of the UI and then pushes it.

galaxy s21 one handed mode

Enable and use Galaxy S21 One Handed Mode quickly

The growing size of smartphones makes it almost impossible to use one hand. But now, Samsung has added the one-handed mode feature, even though it is not a new thing. However, the one-handed mode is not active, as the default setting. Therefore, you have to activate it first.

To enable galaxy S21 one handed mode, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Open Settings. After that, you can go to Advanced features. Here, Samsung adds motions and gestures.
  • You will see many options including screenshots and screen recorder, direct share, reduce animations, motions and gestures, and choose the one-handed mode. This feature lets you adjust the display size as well as the layout to control your phone easily even if you are using one hand.

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  • One-handed mode is active if you toggle on it.
  • It depends on the action you choose. Swipe down at the center of the bottom edge of your screen or double-tap the home button.
  • Even better, it is possible for you to tap on (<) or (>) to switch the sides of the minimize window. If you want to close the one-handed mode, then tap on the black area around the screen window.
  • Using the Galaxy S21 One-hand feature is easy because it is adjustable. You can even customize the window size. To do so, you can start from the top corner of the screen. After that, drag the blue dot and adjust it.

The instruction to activate the one-handed mode in Samsung Galaxy S21 is very simple. It is a useful feature for all users who prefer to use this device with just one hand. It is also not a feature that will work all the time. Instead, it only works for an important circumstance, especially if the other hand is busy. You have no option to tap your device in the top half of the display.


We can say that the feature is part of the goal why Samsung presented One UI. It makes your phone is more accessible even though you are using just one hand. Enabling this feature lets anyone as a user of Galaxy S21 can open the entire contents of the display with just one thumb, but this is not the right mode if you are going to open 2 applications at once on your Samsung Galaxy S21.

That is all the guidelines on how to activate and then use the galaxy S21 One Handed mode. It is quite easy to follow the instructions and it helps you a lot anytime that you want to access your phone by using one hand. If you have any issues to do this activation, please let us know.

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