How to Adjust Flashlight Brightness on Galaxy S21 Easily

Samsung Galaxy S21 is the latest superior product from the Samsung brand that was just launched last February. Samsung declared S21 as the best generation in the Galaxy family. One of the sophisticated devices from Galaxy S21 is the flashlight. To illuminate the environment is the usual function of this device. Yet, it has other purposes. One of them is a flash to light up taking photos in dark places. Furthermore, Galaxy S21’s flashlight has other over plus. You can adjust the brightness. You can set the Galaxy S21 flashlight brightness. Now, we will discuss how to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy S21.

adjust flashlight brightness on galaxy s21

Simple steps to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy S21

It is amazing on how you can adjust the level of flashlight brightness on Galaxy S21. This is different from other types of Samsung flashlight that have patent brightness settings. You can follow the instructions below:

  1. You can do it without entering the setting’s menu. Just do the settings from the main panel at the top of the screen.
  2. Swipe down the top of the screen to bring up the main panel.
  3. Find the button with a flashlight with the words “Flashlight” underneath.
  4. Don’t press the flashlight image, but press the text “Flashlight“.
  5. You will be taken to the Flashlight menu.
  6. In the menu, you will see a brightness level line or an adjustable brightness control. YYou can move the slider to change the brightness level.
  7. There are five levels of brightness control. The bigger the number, the brighter the light will be produced.

Overplus flashlight on Galaxy S21

This flashlight can function as a flash, when you need to take pictures in a dark environment. But sometimes, the flash beam is too bright so that the object will be covered by a flash of light in the photo. That is why you have to adjust the brightness level of the lamp so that the object will not be too dazzled.

The rest, Galaxy S21 has a very good quality of photo capture because of its sophisticated camera. What’s more, you will get the best picture by adjusting the brightness level of the flashlight. So, whatever the environmental conditions, the Galaxy S21 will produce the best images.

The flashlight on Galaxy S21 is equipped with LED lights that will provide maximum lighting. The flashlight on the Galaxy S21 has a long life span. You can rely on it when there is a power cut. The flashlight can be permanently lit.

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